Infrastructure Development

The Tokologo Local Municipality’s Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan is aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • Creating an integrated framework for sustainable service delivery, aligning developmental, financial and institutional aspects
  • Defining action plans per sector to accelerate towards achieving the set targets
  • Ensure that funding is available and accessible to achieve targets through life cycle costing,
  • financing and access to grants
  • Ensure that a Monitoring and Evaluation framework to monitor delivery is available

The municipality plans to undertake the following infrastructure projects through Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) funding;

  • Fencing of cemetery in Seretse, Boshof
  • Drilling and development of boreholes in Boshof and Hertzogville
  • Upgrade of water network (Phase 2) in Dealesville 
  • Paving of roads (3 km) in Boshof
  • Paving of roads (Phase 1 – 3 km) in Seretse
  • Providing clean water and managing waste water in all wards
  • Regional bulk infrastructure (Phase 1) in Hertzogville

Regional Bulk Water Supply project

The Regional Bulk Water Supply project is one of the major projects to be undertaken in the Tokologo Local Municipality as the municipality is still dependent on boreholes to supply water to its community. This has meant that residents only have access to water at certain hours of the day and for limited periods, especially when the usage is at a peak. Furthermore, during the winter season the boreholes dry up, causing greater shortages.The municipality has, with the support of the Department of Water Affairs, the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Lejweleputswa District Municipality, the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the National Treasury and various other stakeholders, finally made the long-awaited breakthrough of implementing the Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme for the community of Tokologo.

The water for the project will be abstracted from Christiana, which is about 40km from the point of first entry (Hertzogville). The project will be implemented in phases, firstly at Hertzogville, which is the most affected, and then in the other two towns of Tokologo.This multi-phase project comprises the construction of a water-treatment plant, a concrete reservoir and a pipeline from Christiana to the towns in Tokologo and the installation of water meters. Existing boreholes will be upgraded, new boreholes dug and leaking storage tanks will be repaired. The community in the Tokologo area will benefit immensely from the delivery of a regular water supply.