Geographical area

Tokologo Local Municipality forms part of the Lejweleputswa district. The geographical area of the municipality is 9325.9070 square kilometres. The major towns in Tokologo are Boshof, Dealesville and Hertzogville. It is the municipality with the lowest population density in the Lejweleputswa district, i.e. 6.71 people per square kilometer.


Boshof/Seretse/Kareehof is the administrative seat of the Tokologo Local Municipality. The town is located approximately 124km to the west of Bloemfontein and 53km to the east of Kimberley, along the R64 (old Bloemfontein/Kimberley Road). Established in 1856 by Dr. Andrew Murray on the farm Van Wyksvlei that was purchased from a Griqua, Dawid Danster, by a farmer, D.S Fourie, in 1839 and sold to the DR Church in 1855. President. J. N Boshoff agreed to act as godfather for the town, hence the name Boshof. It was granted municipality status in 1872.

Primary economic activities in Boshof are mainly agricultural and livestock farming, game farming and crop farming. Industrial activities in Boshof include an abattoir, two scrapyards, a bottling company, engineering works and steelworks.


Dealesville/Tshwaraganang is a small town within the region. The town is located approximately 55km to the south-east of Boshof and 69km to the west of Bloemfontein along the R64 (old Bloemfontein/Kimberley Road).

The town of Dealesville was set out on the farm Klipfontein which was originally owned by John Henry Deale. The town achieved municipal status in 1914. Dealesville is a mixed-farming town. The area has numerous salt pans as well as many natural mineral springs. Some of the springs have been developed and offer relief to sufferers of certain ailments.

Dealesville is a service centre to its local residents, providing only the most essential services. The economy in the rural area is focused on agriculture. Livestock farming and crop farming activities are most common in the area, although salt works on a small scale also exist at some of the numerous salt pans in the area.


Hertzogville is located approximately140km to the north of Bloemfontein and 93km to the north of Boshof town along the R59 (Road to Christiana). It is named after the former South African Prime Minister, J.B.M. Hertzog. The town was established in 1915 on the farm Donkerfontein. Hertzogzille is a small farming community.

The trade and service sector in Hertzogville is focused on providing for the basic needs of the local urban and surrounding farming community only. Growth in the retail and service industry is hampered by the fact that Hertzogville is not located along the major thoroughfares between large urban centers and therefore does not have any external source of revenue. The industrial sector in Hertzogville consists of the co-operative where agricultural products are processed, the abattoir and a few light industrial activities relating to vehicle maintenance and the agricultural sector. Tourism is limited to visitors to the municipality’s Palmietpan Nature Reserve. Hertzogville serves as a service centre for the surrounding farming community.